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About Us

Influenced and inspired by South Beach’s glamour and Paris’ elegance, Peachy Bikini offers trendy and sophisticated bikinis.

Peachy Bikini is founded by Aurelia, a French Fashionista. She designs and models the collection to provide a range of handmade elegant and sexy collection, cut to flatter and celebrate your body and allow you to shine under the sun!

“From my adolescence, I was frustrated by the difficulty of finding trendy bikinis at an affordable price. I was wondering why no brands were offering small and precious bikinis, allowing me get a great tan and to feel sexy and elegant at the beach".

After years of looking for and trying international brands, I finally decided to make mines. It quickly turned into a hobby making bikinis for all my friends, then their friends, and eventually now presenting them to you all.


Peachy Bikini designs are an eclectic mix of classic and sensual silhouettes, celebrating the adventurous spirit of travel and the sophistication of jet-set culture.

All products are handmade in Paris, with high quality fabric, lace and materials carefully chosen in Miami, Paris and in Italy, to guarantee the highest quality.

At Peachy Bikini, we are committed to deliver a great customer experience and send your bikinis in a nice bag you can use after again and again for all your small pretty things…

Now, it is your time to live the Peachy bikini experience ! You deserve the best !” 


Feel free to contact me if you are interested in becoming an ambassador for the brand.